Another Successful Exhibition Opening!

We are all abuzz from a very successful exhibition Red Hill Gallery opened on Friday night, featuring work from the very talented Loretta Blake and fabulously creative Pierre Bernabeu - "A Hint of Lavender & Roses."

Loretta Blake

A packed room full of art lovers and buyers, cold champagne flowing in our beautiful courtyard and a team of staff on board to ensure the evening runs smoothly and of course, there are sales for our very hard working artists.

Pierre Bernabeu

The gallery goes through a transformation every month when we get ready for a new show and there is a lot of work that goes into every step, from recieving the art work to the gallery, through to the all important pre-sell, the 3 day hang and install, ensuring we have covered all print and digital media... and that is just to get ready for the opening!
Congratulations to Loretta and Pierre and the Red Hill Gallery!