ArtChat [Blog Interview Number 20] – Dean Rusling & Glenys Lindsay

In their collaborative exhibition, “Passion for Bronze”, Glenys Lindsay & Dean Rusling have produced a body of work inspired by their love of nature and wildlife. Their work details the individual intricacies of each of their subjects in a unique style that is testimony to their talent as sculptors. Art Chat has caught up with Glenys and Dean for a sneak peek into their artistic lives and what to expect in their upcoming exhibition. “We have started receiving works from the two artists in the gallery and I must say that I am very impressed with the fresh approach Dean has taken. His works definitively have more artistic awareness and his approach is becoming more individual with fun and quirky pieces... And of course Glenys’s love for her wildlife is evident in her latest works.” Margaret Campbell-Ryder.

Dean Rusling 

AC       Dean why sculpture and in particular why Bronze? DR       I chose sculpture because I actually make a living by casting other people’s sculptures! And then about 5 years ago I realised, in a fit of brilliance, that I could sculpt myself... so here I am today. I work in Bronze because it is the only medium I truly like...

AC       You are an artist and a successful business owner with your own foundry. Give us an insight into your day to day business life. DR       Because I have this exhibition coming up a usual day for me is starting work at 7.30 and finishing around 7.30! During this time I get the work done for our clients, and then I come home and sculpt for about 4 hours... I do this about 6 out of the 7 days a week at the moment!

AC       You’ve been winning lot of awards as of late, what do you attribute this success to? DR       I think it’s basically the pieces I have been making such as platypus, turtle etc. I think that my 20 years of experience give me an advantage as I can create such beautiful patinas on my pieces.

AC       Your pieces in the gallery at the moment are predominately flora and fauna, what inspires you to create pieces of this subject matter? DR        I prefer flora and fauna a lot more to the human form. I still haven’t quite found my niche yet so I keep trying new things. For example, the puppy I sculpted was so much fun to do (even though it was frustrating at times) I think I may do a few more dogs in different poses etc and see what happens.

Stay tuned though because I do have one idea up my sleeve, I just need to find time to pursue it!

AC       Do you listen to music while you work? DR       hahaha my kids know when I’m sculpting, Adele rings out from the studio.

AC       How do you like to unwind after a tough day? DR       Well, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t watch tv – apart from the football. To unwind at the moment (things tend to change though) I get all my work done– like fill out questions for my Gallery haha. Then I hop into bed and read about the gold and silver markets and what is happening financially around the world... which isn’t pretty at the moment.

AC       And finally, what is the view from your window? DR       The view from my window at work, is my boat which I have only used twice this year!

Glenys Lindsay

AC       Glenys what do you love about sculpture that motivates you to continue to create such beautiful pieces? GL        I remember when I was younger I loved everything in 3D, I had so many little ornaments that I would hold and touch, to me they had a life and I would chat away to them as a child. I think this is where my passion for Bronze stems from, bronzes last forever. China, clay and glass can all break but bronze lives on.

AC       Both you and Dean use animals, and in particular Australian animals as subject matter, what inspires you to do this? GL        It is funny, I am Australian born and bred yet I never liked Aussie animals at all. To me they were plain and boring little critters. Then one day I made a Bilby, and he was just so cute! Since then I find I have a passion for the cute and cuddly animals, whether Australian or not.

AC       The names of your sculptures are very individual and unique to the pieces, are they direct reflections of your relationship with your work and subject matter? Or just a bit of fun? GL        Each of my pieces get their names during the process of creation. I sometimes chat away to them while I make them and this to me gives them a personality, which helps me name them! Sometimes I think the names I choose are a bit clichéd but every one of them comes right from the heart.

AC       Tell us something about yourself that your readers may not know about... GL        I don’t think many people even know who I am anyway! Those who do will probably think I am outgoing but the truth is I am a bit of a hermit type... Just me and my bronzes – sounds a bit like the plot from Psycho – not that bad yet though.

AC       And finally what do you do when you are not working on your art? GL        I procrastinate a lot! I think about taking up painting or doing some travelling now that I move into the next phase of my life as an artist. But I always feel happiest when I am in the throes of creating another one of my bronzes!