Topless Paparazzo Provides 'Support' to Artist David Hinchliffe

Ever wonder what our artists get up to when they go overseas?   Well here’s one that made the news in New York on Brisbane artist David Hinchliffe.Australian artist David Hinchliffe wasn't counting on support from a topless woman as he was struggling with giant 10' canvas in the middle of Broadway traffic today.

Topless Paparazzo identity 'Harvey Van Toast' appeared from nowhere, complete with her own little film crew to offer a helping hand.

Hinchliffe is mounting an exhibition in Soho's Michael Ingbar Gallery next week

"Suddenly this bare-chested woman arrives," says Hinchliffe, "and asks 'Need any help honey,' and of course an artist isn't fazed by the sight of a disrobed woman. However, I have to say in Australia we normally see our naked women in studios and on canvas and not on the sidewalks of Broadway."

"New York certainly has its share of surprises," said Hinchliffe.

His exhibition is appropriately titled "NEW YORK...night and day" and features streetscapes of New York from Soho to Harlem.

This is Hinchliffe's third solo exhibition in New York.