2013 Colour of the Year: Emerald Green.

We highlight the colour Emerald Green, nominated by the world experts, Pantone  the oracle of colour trends.2013 - Colour of the Year - Emerald GreenThis year you will see the colour in many aspects of design, including paintings, contemporary glass, sculpture, jewellery as well as fashion, home wares and interior designer show pieces.

Emerald green has been described as sophisticated, luxurious, universally appealing, inspiring and classically elegant!

This green is also brings a sense of energy, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world.

In the wondrous world of the arts we have been embracing this colour for centuries. So it is wonderful to see this year’s focus on a colour that has been popular with artists for hundreds of years. We would like to entice you to add some emerald into your life with some images from many of our artists at Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane Australia! Emerald Green - Colour of the YearCHRISTINA BINKLEY of The Wall Street Journal declared Diamonds may be forever, but emeralds are for 2013.

And what would an article on this colour be without a quote from a world famous artist Pablo Picasso when he said "They'll sell you thousands of greens. Veronese green and emerald green and cadmium green and any sort of green you like; but that particular green, never." - Pablo Picasso, Umm!!!

What do you think about this upcoming colour trend? How does Emerald make you feel? Will you be embracing it in 2013? 2013 - Colour of the Year - Emerald GreenAll of these artists can be found online at www.redhillgallery.com.au