How important is colour in your life?

2013 brings with it many new things, it is the 50th Anniversary of Surfing Australia, it is an election year for Australia AND more importantly it is the year of Emerald Green1! Emerald, associated with the brilliant green of precious gems brings a sense of “clarity, renewal and rejuvenation”2, the perfect way to start your year! Now when we talk ‘emerald’ a lot of you will be envisioning an 18th century British manor. Although we can appreciate this look we are not suggesting that you go out and buy thick emerald velvet curtains, plush cushions with gold trimmed tassels or a giant jade lotus sculpture. No, we’re talking about the small changes, the little added touches that can change the dynamics of a room to enrich your life.

Whether you live in a modern house with a minimalist look or a classic Queenslander that is full of clutter (or vice versa) the little changes can make all the difference. The year is still young and many of us are suffering from the reality of returning to work (aren’t holidays bitter sweet?!) so why not start a new project. Bring Emerald into your life! Enhancing your home doesn’t have to be costly, perhaps you buy a potted plant with lush emerald leaves, a new throw for the couch, a couple of cushions, a piece of glass or (and of course we would say this) why not add a bit of art to your walls? We thought we should give you a few suggestions of our own…

So why not take charge of 2013 and enhance your life with the colour of the year? Come into Red Hill Gallery, we would love to help you go green.

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