Katherine Wood “Into Blue” at Red Hill Gallery

My work is not about reproducing reality; it is about capturing the energy that creates it” – Katherine Wood

The internationally acclaimed South African Artist Katherine Wood will be on display in the upcoming exhibition ‘Into Blue’. In her paintings Wood amalgamates the traditional genre of landscape painting with contemporary abstraction creating a recognisable signature style that has made her an international success in the art world.

Katherine’s canvases reflect the raw energy of nature. Her paintings tend to depict sparse landscapes receding back to a flat horizon line. The simplicity of the horizon gives the painting a sense of recession and creates a balance between the strength of the sky and land.

Her thick impasto paint creates movement across the landscape drawing and capturing the viewer’s attention. The texture adds another dimension to the canvas and her depictions of land and sky, whether calming or turbulent, are awe inspiring and thought provoking – a true evocation of raw emotion.

A signature feature in Katherine’s landscape is the singular tree. While providing a focal point within her composition it also has a more symbolic meaning. Katherine describes the tree as a symbol of “us as individuals; how we come into this world alone and how we inevitably leave this world along.”

Within the exhibition Wood has also painted a number of floral still life and nudes in monochromatic tones creating a very beautiful yet edgy aesthetic.


“Into Blue” will run from the Friday 19th April – Sunday 5th May, 2013.