The Art of Commissions

Picture this... you’ve just moved into a new house, shifted some furniture and discovered some bare wall space, or you are purely just bored... you trudge down to your local gallery and sift through the paintings, you find an artist you like, but no painting that suits the size you are after and you don’t like the subject matter etc... This can be a repetitive and disheartening venture at times (especially when that big empty chunk of wall just stares at you as you eat your breakfast). So why not save the trouble and get a commission? A commission enables you to have a personalised piece of art. Personalised not just in the sense of subject matter but the sky is ACTUALLY your limit, you can choose colours schemes, backgrounds, dimensions, medium etc . It’s about marrying the artist to the commission... something we’ve become a bit of an expert in.

Although we undoubtedly can all agree that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, especially when talking about art, it is sometimes hard to find that perfect ‘thing of beauty’ i.e. art piece. That’s when the conversation about ‘commissions’ should be entered into.

Now the process involved in commissioning an art piece may be easier than you think! Let me lay it down for you;

First step – Deciding what you want Do you want something personalised or a similar piece of artwork you’ve seen before, perhaps in a different size or colour?

Second step – The nitty gritty... Do you have specific requirements? The dimensions, framed or unframed, maybe particular colours, the medium - watercolour, oil or acrylic etc .

Third step – The marriage! This is where we suggest the appropriate artist for your commission. We’ll show you some of their previous work and if you like their style we will approach them with your request.

Fourth step – Approval Once the artist has agreed to do the commission and we have discussed the price and established a time frame, a deposit is then required for the artist to commence the commission. Depending on the artist and your requirements, preliminary sketches can be made available.

Fifth Step – Picking up your art The artist has finished your masterpiece; you’ve paid for it and voila! You have a beautiful piece to adorn the walls of your home!

Stuck for ideas on what to get commissioned... here are a just a few suggestions but the list is endless! • Portraits of loved ones (pets included)  • A memorable picture from a recent holiday • A painting of your home • The view from your home or beach house • A specific moment in history – a protest outside parliament house you were involved in or a photo from childhood • It could darn well be an interpretation of your favourite novel...or the Knights Templar

The world is your oyster when it comes to commissions. You are the director and the artist is the producer.




Artists: Kieran Hall, Jan Prior, John Beeman, Starr, Emma Middleton, John Maitland, Loretta Blake and Robert Ixer