Our Shining Starr

Starr Shines at this year’s Lord Mayor’s Community Trust Gala Ball Fundraiser!

We are pleased to announce that our wonderful artist Starr was selected by Brisbane City Council to create a painting that celebrated the refurbishment of Brisbane City Hall. The painting, entitled ‘Brisbane City Hall’ (120 x 90xm acrylic on canvas) contains all the hallmarks of Starr’s signature style. The juxtaposition of the old building lit up with neon colours is the perfect melding of the old with the new.

The worth of this painting spoke for itself selling for a whopping $10 000 at the auction at the Lord Mayor’s Community Trust! The trust supports local charities, seeking out those that offer strategies and support service for the homeless, mentally ill and disabled or that offer services for drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, abuse and neglect hig

“The 2006 census found a total of 7,996 homeless people in Brisbane with approximately 2000 of those found within Brisbane’s inner city. With statistics like this it is evident how important this event is and we are so privileged to represent such a talented artist who is contributing in such a significant way to this beautiful city.” Margaret Campbell-Ryder, Director