Richard Musgrave-Evans

'Images of Light' is the upcoming solo exhibition by esteemed Australian artist Richard Musgrave-Evans. Featuring stunning coastal scenes, dramatic landscapes and throughtful reflections of rural Australia the exhibition is set to impress. Being a passionate outback artist and devotee of plein air painting (a french expression which means 'in open air') Richard's work is quickly rendered and spontaneous. Working directly before his subject he must work rapidly to capture the fleeting moments before him. Rendering the paintings in such a fast manner leaves little room for thought as the process becomes more instinctual giving his paintings a rare naturalness and peaceful ease. With a love of the landscape, the bush, the hills and the city, his paintings have a unique and dramatic quality of strength and energy, which reflect his drive and dedication to his art.  ‘I aim to convey the brilliance of light through the adventurous application of colour, tone and texture.’ ~ Richard Musgrave-Evans

This major solo exhibition will officially open in Brisbane at the Red Hill Gallery on Sunday 19 May 2013.