Music and Art

When the word creativity is brought to mind the words art and music soon follow. Here is what a few of our artists have to say on the topic of Music.“I like to listen to anything... except those screeching opera singers, and country music about their horses that die!” – Mel Brigg

"When I'm painting I love listening to Gershwin, Vivaldi, Piaf. My sons band Kooii or a combo and fusion of jazz and reggai" - David Hinchliffe

“Anything... but particularly 60’s and 70’s... When a painting is really looking spectacular I tend to sing along and have been known to dance around my studio, how embarrassing!” – Paul Margocsy

"I'm a glam rock and 80’s pop and rock fanatic! Anything and everything from Poison to Duran Duran" - Starr

“I don’t listen to music while I create, I find it too governing. If the music is calm the art is calm, if the music is high energy the art is high energy. If I had to make a chocse and paint to music it would be to ‘Miles Davis’.” – Dean Reilly

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