John Maitland "Fruits of the Forest"

 Australian artist John Maitland’s skilfully executed oil and acrylic paintings are imbued with rigorous colour and texture. The subject matter of his work has a mysterious quality which allows people to weave their own personal stories into the paintings making him a highly collectable artist.

John Maitland’s innovative style is created outdoors by exposing his paintings to the elements. Through the heat of the sun, the built up layers in his paintings are left to crack and fissure giving an aged appearance. John’s beautiful and innocent subject matter is depicted through his use of lively colours and broad brushstrokes, creating an ‘enlightened’ style of stunning pieces of art. An expressive painter his work is imbued with energy and movement and is heavily weighted with texture.

“I always yearn for the vibration which excites my soul. I never know when it will strike or what form it will take but it is never the obvious” – John Maitland

Nominated as a finalist in the 1993 “Tribute to Mary MacKillop” exhibition, his painting was also recognised as one of the finest pieces in the show. This painting was then included as part of a national tour in 1996 and was hung in Parliament House, Canberra, The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and The State Gallery of South Australia. It was also seen again during the World Youth Day events in Sydney in July 2009.

View John Maitland's 2013 Exhibition at Red Hill Gallery HERE