Artist Dave Williams

Dave Williams ArtistDave Williams is a Brisbane based, self-taught artist with a penchant for travelling, conservation, playing guitar and surfing. Dave’s work embraces a wide range of media including acrylic and oil on canvas, pastels and charcoals on paper and mixed media sculpture. A supporter of Sea Shepherd and other conservation groups, Dave is also an advocate for sharks and this is reflected in his bold statements about the cruel treatments of these marine animals in ‘Status Victim’, ‘Man Eating Shark’ and ‘Shark Boy’. In these paintings he explores the lighter, more humorous aspects of life, as well as the darker side of mankind’s relationship with animals and the planet through his art.

Born into a creative family Dave took up painting full time in 1989 after having spent his early years living in a shack on the beach of New South Wales – which later became “The Shack” Gallery, representing family and artist friends in the area. He now works from his studio and out in the landscape while traveling and painting for exhibition in Australia and overseas. This year he launched Dave clothing, a fashion label featuring hand-printed organic cotton t-shirts and bags.

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