Fairy Floss, Heart-Stopping Rides, Showbags & Cultural Attractions - Ekka is back for 2011

Aleida van der Hoogte - Ekka in Brisbane Ekka 2011 is in full swing at the historical RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane, and what a fantastic opportunity to share with you work based on the Ekka from artist Aleida van der Hoogte.

Aleida's  paintings present a vibrant 'moment-in-time and social observation of the famous Brisbane Ekka'.  Aleida has expanded her trademark fusion of Baroque-inspired  florals in dramatic contemporary compositions to  include portraits , landscapes and dramatic abstracts in a recent exhibition at Red Hill Gallery - View here.

Ekka through the eyes of fabulous artist Aleida van der Hoogte

"The ability of the Flemish Renaissance painter  Pieter Bruegel the Elder to paint a moment  that captured the costume, colour,  culture and character of the time and  place has always impressed me. I've  tried to paint moments in time that  reflect all of those realities here and now". - Aleida van der Hoogte