An Ode to Pink

Pink is the intermediate of red and white. It is the colour of love, the colour associated with femininity and the official colour of breast cancer awareness. Pink has psychological and emotional elements, created with the power and passion of red it is softened with the purity and innocence of white making it the perfect colour to decorate your home with – who wouldn’t want the colour of compassion, nurture and love on their walls?

Often considered ‘girlie’ a research suggests otherwise! In 2012 Cotton USA performed a study on 1500 male office workers, they found that the men who wore pink shirts to work earned more and were better qualified than those who favoured traditional colours such as white or blue.

Pink also happens to be the stage name of the unorthodox singer and songwriter Alecia Beth Moore. Commonly written as P!nk this pop sensation is one of the most successful artists across the globe, having sold over 40 million albums and 70 million singles. In 2012 VH1 named Pink #10 on their list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music.

Pink’s ‘The Truth About Love Tour’ kicks off this month so we thought we would get in the pink and show you some of our amazing art with pink tones. It is also a line of Victoria Secret clothing and a label of sparkling wine – what’s not to love about pink!?

Enjoy our pink selection be inspired add some pink to your life and let’s decorate July with something Pink! Pink!