Red Hill Gallery Recognises its 25th Year of Business

This month another milestone for Red Hill Gallery as it recognises its 25th year of business. In August 1986 RED HILL GALLERY opened and introduced  to Brisbane  art lovers a gallery for everyone and it has achieved a remarkable and proud history since those days.

Many wonderful artists have presented their paintings, glass art, sculpture and wearable art in the Gallery and sold many creative artworks to adorn the homes and offices of this City and way way beyond.

Everyone here is very excited about this outstanding piece of Gallery history.

RED HILL GALLERY opened in August, 1986 and, throughout those wonderful 25 years to today, it has proudly become one of Brisbane’s best and most respected Art Galleries.

It has become so by the participation of hundreds of outstanding Australian artists who have, over that time, presented their unique artistic talents within its walls.

It has become so by the support of the thousands of art enthusiasts who have regularly bought their artistic works for your homes or offices for that quiet but ever present personal enjoyment.

Never before has such an eclectic mix of unique, thought provoking work graced the walls of the Red Hill Gallery.  “We are honoured to present such varied modes of representation, visual perception and interpretation in what is a truly dramatic showcase

Throughout the gallery you move from artist to artist and painting to painting allowing one to appreciate the specific differences of artistic style that properly distinguishes why we all love art but for so many differing reasons. Our own personal instincts and tastes come first and that is how it should always be.

The unique and established creative style of each artist is strikingly evident when one can see so many diverse works of art side-by-side on the well lit wall space of a homely and friendly Gallery such as this.

If you are in Brisbane stop into the Red Hill Gallery - If you are unable to come in you can keep intouch via our very comprehensive website - Here.