Ken Strong “Accentuato”

Accentuato is the aptly titled exhibition by Australian artist Ken Strong. This major exhibition will feature during the month of August at the Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane. Ken StrongStrong’s impressionistic style is characterised by a well structured use of colour and movement, his ability to capture the rhythm of the landscape is truly identifiable as his signature style, making this artists talent well recognised both nationally and internationally

‘More often now I view the surrounding landscape, not just a subject in a static form, but a dynamic evolving creation where movement and the integration of tone, colour and shape overpower the basic image and become the dominant influence in the interpretation of what I see.’ Ken Strong Ken StrongStrong’s work features the lyrical expressions of his surroundings and panoramic landscapes, as well as some musically inspired paintings paintings. The artist takes us on a journey with such titles as "Limeburners Entrance", "The Red Door", "The Goat Farm", "Moorland Postal Run", "Kiparra Waterhole", "Frog Hollow Ghost Gum”, "The Chandelier", “Aggravato”, “Onset of Shadowfall” to name just a few of the 28 paintings in this collection.

“Like a good piece of music that moves your soul, with Strong’s work you can dance your way though the scenes he has created, and become so totally absorbed in the atmosphere and mood that you can almost feel the landscape encompassing you. Now that is the sign of a very gifted artist!” Margaret Campbell-Ryder, Director, Red Hill Gallery.

View Ken Strong’s exhibition at Red Hill Gallery here Ken Strong