I Love a "Sun Orange" Country

Orange. It’s the colour our beloved SES workerswear in Australian eI Love A Sun Orange Countrymergencies and disasters. It’s the colour synonymous with our desert landscape (“I love a sunburnt country” ringing any bells?) It is the colour of a deliciously sweet citrus fruit as well as the famously succulent Bowen mango. It is also the colour pantone has declared for August!

I Love A Sun Orange Country “Sun Orange is a royal colour that signifies power and wealth. The colour is associated with the sun and representative of light. Surrounding ourselves in Sun Orange makes us happier while bringing us monetary security”

Firstly if Sun Orange is the royal colour signifying power and wealth then I feel that Prince George should adopt this colour as his own pronto. Secondly if the colour makes us happier and brings us monetary security then I need to get me some orange in my life stat! Because who doesn’t like being happy and having monetary security?!?! (If you are one of these people stop reading now.)

I Love a Sun Orange CountryAnd for all the children out there Sun Orange is the colour of perhaps the most charismatic and environmentally conscious cartoon crusader... have you guessed yet? It’s Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax!

So in the spirit of good will (we want you all to be happy and wealthy) here are some of our favourite orange pieces currently available in the gallery.


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