ArtChat [Blog Interview #34] – Judith DaLozzo

Judith Dalozzo  first started painting professionally at 20 years of age and has gained recognition as a prominent and collectible still-life painter, both in Australia and overseas.  Judith attended the “Ecole Superieur D'Art Plastique et Visuel” in Mons, Belgium where she accepted a scholarship along with a five year living grant, an enormous privilege for an up and coming artist from Australia.JLAC: Describe your art in a sentence.JD: A vision and reflection of simple beauty.

AC: Who or what inspired you to become an artist? JD: When I paint it frees my mind and brings me back to when I was young in the studio with my mother, Lucette DaLozzo. She is the most inspiring person, the most creative artist, and the most nurturing mother.  She inspired me to paint my first oil painting when I was 9. It had a vase, grapes and flowers. I still can picture it today with a pink lacquered frame.

AC:  Why do you paint the scenes you do? JD: As a child I was and still am a daydreamer and flowers and all things beautiful make me dream. There are so many different ways to paint a still life and as I've gotten older my visions for a still life painting have changed and evolved. I find it challenging and exciting to recreate what I have been painting for the last 30years.

AC: What music do you listen to while painting? JD: In the studio is a cd of mixed Italian Opera which I have been listening to for the past 5 years. I love it. It's uplifting and gets me in the mood before I even pick up a brush.

AC: Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them? JD: I am a proud soccer mum, spending all my Saturdays on a soccer field with my two amazing boys.

AC: What is your favourite thing about Spring? JD: Everything. You can already feel the change in the air. That sense of freshness, rebirth and colour all around. What's not to love.

AC: What is your favourite quote or saying? JD: I have two. Never give up, "Whenever there is a down there is always an up" words of wisdom from my beautiful husband. The other is from Henry Moore who I discovered while studying fine art in Belgium, "There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it." Who doesn't dream of being an artist?JL02Exhibiting Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane September 2013