Diary note to self - A must do for 2011

One of the most exciting experiences one should have in life is to visit a commercial art gallery and attending the opening of an art exhibition. For first time buyers remember art is for everyone. Do not be put off the first time you walk into an art gallery remember they are there to sell art and that you are a potential client.

Ask to be put on their mailing list so you can attend exhibition openings.

When you buy your first piece of art it should be an exciting and memorable moment.  Do not be afraid to ask questions, no question is ever stupid and should be treated with respect by the art gallery curator or art consultant.  If you are not happy walk out and find another gallery that is more accommodating and meets your needs.

Your first art exhibition should be an exhilarating experience. Meeting the artist and discovering what inspired them to create their works for the exhibition should be a thrilling moment which will stay in your mind forever.

At an exhibition opening, mingle amongst art lovers and discover how everyone has a different story to tell about their first purchase or their favourite artist or art work.

To see an artist bare his/her soul on canvas and witness the passion that has been created by this one person is the most amazing discovery.

This is also an experience that you cannot get from just viewing on a website; the web is a tool there to show the many artists and their particular styles of artwork.  This will never take away from seeing the work hanging in a gallery, the gallery atmosphere, the paint smells, the textures, the passion, the brush strokes,  all there in real life on the wall in the gallery, each piece of art work totally unique which  has to been seen in the real life to be thoroughly appreciated.

Art will last you a lifetime and give you pleasure every single day and if you find out the story of the art from the artist it will make it even more special.  You will be amazed at some of the answers artists have given as to where they got their inspiration from for a particular piece, it could be very simple, or reflect an emotional time in the artists’ life, or maybe a place the artist has visited.

Your art choice should also be a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle, usually the first piece that leaps out at you is the one you always come back to.  Listen to your heart, pay attention to what the experts have to say but at the end of the day make up your own mind and buy.

There are many emerging artists to select from, Australia has some of the most talented artists in the world, and they have to try harder to be the best they can as there is much more competition in our country compared to other parts of the world.

Art should be a lifelong passion of learning and collecting and you quickly develop an eye for what you like, do not be afraid to like something that someone else does not we do not all want to wear the same clothes so it stands to reason that we do not all want to buy the same art.   Your art should be a reflection of your personality too.

Buying from an exhibition is always a good time to buy from an artist as that is when they present their best work. It is often a surprise to discover that an artist can work on a major exhibition for up to two years.

Do not ever feel pressured in buying just because you are at an opening it may take one minute or one year to find what you love, but  most of all enjoy the experience along the way.

Art will quickly become a lifelong passion.

When buying art there is only one important thing to know, remember the mantra only “Buy what you love