ArtChat [Blog Interview #36] – Ruby Eaves

Ruby Eaves is influenced by her love of landscape and extensive travels have resulted in her strong passion for Australian scenes. In painting she aims to capture her personal experience of the landscape by being as honest to the scene in front of her as she can.  Inspired by a recent trip to the Australian Outback her paintings in ‘Under A Southern Sky’ are slightly more contemporary than her past works.Ruby EavesAC: Describe your art in a sentence. RE: My paintings are the result of my efforts to capture the beauty and spirit of the subject before me whether it be the vast arid desert or the gentle reflections on water.

AC: Who or what inspired you to become an artist? RE: I grew up in the country and always enjoyed nature from a very young age. My parents encouraged me to appreciate and love the beauty of creation and with this influence it stimulated a desire to draw and paint. Visiting Art Galleries has always stimulated the "creative juices" and are great places for learning and have often spent hours studying some of the Masters of art there.

AC: Why do you paint the scenes you do? RE: I paint the scenes I do because I want to convey to the viewer the emotion I experienced myself as I viewed the subject. It could be the chilly ,misty light of an early morning scene or the solitude or tranquil nature of a rural scene or the vast open spaces of our outback landscapes. Ruby EavesAC: What music do you listen to while painting? RE: When painting I love to become totally absorbed in what I am doing with just the sounds of nature to listen to as sometimes music can be distracting for me. In the studio sometimes I may listen to easy classical music if I feel I need it.

AC: Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them? RE: What can I say.....I have this constant battle with a chocolate craving!!

AC: What is your favourite quote or saying? RE: "Maybe tomorrow will be better..." (often referring to painting!)

AC: If you could work with any other artist from any era who would it be and why? RE: There are many artists I would have loved to work with from different eras but one in particular would be JMW Turner, an early English artist. His work varies from Realism to Impressionism. I love his whole approach to art capturing the moods of his subjects and his brilliant ability to capture the light for which he is so well known. He also "pushed the boundaries" in his paintings to achieve the results he wanted which I admire so much. Ruby Eaves