Purchasing Prowess

An Art Consultant’s observations on the way Brisbane clients purchase art.

Purchasing ProwessSince the beginning of the year the lovely art consultants at the gallery have started to notice a few trends emerging in the commercial art world. Now, we are certainly not claiming to be experts, however, we believe in 2013 there has been a definitive shift in the way people purchase art. This shift has been a hot topic of conversation in the coffee room and we’ve put it down to the usual suspects – the economic climate, the opportunity to buy and view art on the internet, and of course the recent election. We would like to share with you what we believe has been ‘trending’ on your walls as a result of the commercial art world shift.

Firstly, let’s talk colour!

With so much negativity bombarding us in the media, we often need a positive outlet to help us maintain perspective in our lives. Paintings, such as that of Dan Mason and Dean Reilly exude energy through their use of upbeat colours.  Hence, clients are purchasing this style of artwork in order to bring a little more ‘light’ into their lives. Purchasing Prowesss

Vario Grayson 38058 Committee Meeting 120x90cmAt the moment, it seems that Brisbane buyers are craving anything that is big, bright and bold. Statement pieces depicting anything from gold fish (Grayson Vario) to quirky cows (Leah Anketell) are becoming increasingly popular. This is most likely due to their bold, thought-provoking nature which intrigues us and draws us in. Secondly, we’ve noticed that size has become a major influence for buyers.

Anketell Leah 38118 Gold Shirley 100x100cm

Finally, it’s all about personality.

Stevenson Graeme 38035 The Right Miter 90x120cmPeople define their true selves when buying art. They are very rarely persuaded by the opinions of others – it is about what appeals to you and you only. When a buyer falls in love with artwork it seems nothing can sway them, therefore art is being purchased as it brings people joy, inner-peace and comfort. We believe that this is the way it should be, as the artwork is yours and will become a part of your life.

So go forth and purchase your big bright and occasionally bizarre works - such as this Graeme Stevenson's Dior painting - because we understand that art is for everyone and that your personal preference is all that matters.


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