THE GIZZARD OF WAS -- Poetry by Dean Reilly

Ive been†shedding skinand squeezing my pimples again. I'm down Digging in the dirt looking for all the clues Past the all dead ends.

I've been bent to my kness Cleaning my tired shoes I wallowed in my own depression And the insecure dreams For a path to take me over Or a word to guide me through. I want to see the world not going down. I want a better place to live in as do you.

My reflection, my reflection Changes and looks at me. My reflection is aging quickly, my reflection is aging quickly I am seeing the wrinkles again.

I've been stirring on my back Resolving unfullfilled dreams. I've been dancing with the crazy one With delusion in my eyes. I want to feel the reflection, Feel the reverse within. I want feel the transformation and start erasing before I begin

My reflection, my reflection Changes into me I have no time. To listen to my muscle memory. I contemplate what I've been...

See my reflection changing, Creeping up and over me. Removing my old armour. Hoping to show the way By reaching through my reflection, Showing me another day

My reflection has become me My reflection has become me My reflection and my destiny. My reflection and my destiny. I've been squeezing pimples again.

Dean Reilly Dean Reilly

Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery November 2013