ArtChat [Blog Interview #39] – Conchita Carambano

Artchat recently caught up with Conchita Carambano about her upcoming exhibition at Red Hill Gallery in December and to learn a little more about her.Conchita CarambanoConchita Carambano has a strong sense of involvement with her paintings; her brisk, deft technique is very distinctive. She pushes inventiveness to the limit with her abstract forms and shapes through the sensual use of space, colour and symmetry. AC:     Describe your art in a sentence.                                                                                 CC:     My art is me, how I breathe, what I think, how I feel.

AC:    Who or what inspired you to become an artist? CC      I don’t know, but for as long as I can remember, it was the only thing I thought that I would do.

AC:     What is your favourite medium to paint in and why?                                       CC       I love anything and everything that I can get my hands on.

AC:     What music do you listen to while painting? CC:     Always 2CH Radio.   

AC:    Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them? CC:     I hate public speaking.

AC:     What are your favourite colours on the palette? CC:     Wedgewood Blue.

AC:     What is your favourite quote or saying? CC:      “From your mouth to Gods ears”.

AC:     What do you hang on your walls? CC:     Other artists work.

AC:     What advice would you give a client purchasing a piece of your art? CC:     Let my work speak to you.Conchita Carambano © Conchita Carambano - Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery - December 2013