ArtChat [Blog Interview #40] – Karen Atkins

Artchat recently spoke with Karen Atkins to find out a little more about the person behind the whimsical and quirky paintings exhibiting in the upcoming exhibition at Red Hill Gallery in December.Karen AtkinsKaren Atkins fresh subjective artwork is drawn purely from her own imaginations. She endeavours to artistically entice everyone to discover their own story within each of her creative works.

AC:         Describe your art in a sentence.        KA:         My paintings are an evocation of my personal myth making and paintings    become theatres where I ‘direct’ my characters.

AC:         Who or what inspired you to become an artist?   KA:         There was never a time when I didn’t draw and paint compulsively, my path was inevitable.

AC:         What is your favourite medium to paint in and why? KA:         I paint primarily in acrylics as they enable me to combine a multitude of techniques. 

AC:         What music do you listen to while painting?   KA:         Anything from Albinoni to Eminem – depends on my mood and the story I’m painting.

AC:         Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them?     KA:         I used to work on a shearing team. 

AC:         What are your favourite colours on the palette?  KA:        All colours, I’m passionate about colours and how they speak to each other.

AC:         What is your favourite quote or saying?    KA:         ‘Beauty will save the world’ Dostoevsky

AC:         What do you hang on your walls?  KA:         I collect icons and am lucky enough to share my home with several of Mirka Mora’s paintings and the paintings I have in progress.

AC:         What advice would you give a client purchasing a piece of your art? KA:         If you can’t get a painting out of your head, then one way or another you must have it. Karen Atkins©

Karen Atkins - Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery - December 2013