ArtChat [Blog Interview #41] – Emma Sheldrake

Artchat recently spoke with Emma Sheldrake to find out a little more about her, and her painting, before the December exhibition of new works at Red Hill Gallery.Emma SheldrakeEmma Sheldrake has a wealth of artistic inspiration and a diversity of style circulating the depths of her imagination. She is an abstract colourist blending her passion for faces with the mischievousness of Pop Art.

AC:         Describe your art in a sentence. ES:         Bold, striking, spontaneous and captivating, my works reflects the fact that painting liberates my passion and energy.

AC:         Who or what inspired you to become an artist? ES:          I was born into a family of artists & I couldn’t escape it. 

AC:        What is your favourite medium to paint in and why? ES:         Acrylic because it is water soluble and is fantastic for my personality, I’m one that doesn’t like to watch paint dry for too long. Its vibrancy is another thing I love.

AC:         What music do you listen to while painting? ES:          Electronic, French music (even though I can’t sing to the words) but for its sultry nature & instrumental music also…

AC:         Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them? ES:          I have one green eye & one brown eye.

AC:         What are your favourite colours on the palette? ES:          I love a splash of red… I love the graphic nature of black and white with a touch of a striking blue or green… such as in the eyes…

AC:         What is your favourite quote or saying? ES:         ‘Art is what you can get away with’ Andy Warhol

AC:         What do you hang on your walls? ES:          Other artists work mainly…Esther Erlich, Micheal Keller, Wolfgang Lammie, Kim Kennedy, Ross Tamlin, Julie Reeves and the list goes on, there are a few EM’s that got in the mix too.

AC:         What advice would you give a client purchasing a piece of your art? ES:          Simply enjoy it & know that the energy left within it is all joy. It is a pleasure to create knowing the right people will connect with the work & it will find its rightful place. Emma Sheldrake


Emma Sheldrake - Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery - December 2013