With the New Year upon us it is always good to step back and kick start off our year with resolutions, but if you read the myriads of articles on the subject you will now know that most want to lose weight or start an exercise class or eat better. Dean Reilly, painting "Was"

So as we are all about ART we thought we would give you some fresh ART IDEAS for your New Year.

Melissa Gollan "I Can Hear the Music"

We particularly like the recent quote by QWeekend Magazine Editor and journalist Kylie Lang in her Sunday Mail column headlining her article on New Year’s resolutions with “Take small steps on the path to change

So with great intentions your resolution should be  “Take it one step at a time to achieve your goal”.

Paul Margocsy Watercolour "I'll Bet You Say That To All the Cockies"

New to art then start your art collection now. Step 1….Any art you buy must be a stand-out and have a personal WOW factor for YOU! Step 2….Always ask for guidance from the Gallery art consultants…...IT IS FREE! Step 3….Look for new emerging artists to kick-start your collection, Step 4….Ask the consultants about mid-career artists to add to your collection, Step 5….Review your current art work and update them with new frames. Any works under glass older than 10 years should be re-framed and re-matted by a professional art framer, Step 6….Step back and seek the guidance of a professional to review your collection, Step 7….You will be surprised at how the dynamics of your room can change so move your art around, Step 8….Seek the guidance of a professional service to re-hang and re-position your artwork around, Step 9….Your collection of family photos that hold lots of memories can be all hung together to make a wonderful family display, Step 10....Enjoy the experience and let your heart rule your head…. buy what you love.

Regina Noakes "Bird on a Sill"

The Editor of Vogue Australia shared her New Year's resolutions on line……..  "Wear more prints, get regular facials and wear brighter nail varnish. And buy more art."        Edwina McCann, editor-in-chief Vogue Australia.  To assist Edwina with her New Year’s resolution may we say…….”Edwina, we will leave the print selection up to you, but when in Brisbane we know where you can a great facial and just that right colour nail varnish! In Therapy is one of Brisbane’s best Beauty salons... right here in Red Hill  AND we at  RED HILL GALLERY  would love to assist you to  “buy more art!”

Happy New Year everyone and if you achieve just one resolution that’s ok -  remember small steps!

Frank Miles Sculpture "Sisters 2"

Recommendations :-  Brisbane Framers -  Colin Gordon at Artagraph Milton, Adam & Nicole Green Art Land Indooroopilly, Jan Prior Boutique Framing Ascot             Professional Art Hanging Services: Darren Bacon Art Perfect,  Andrew Dunlop The Art Of Hanging