ArtChat [Blog Interview #47] – Echo Chai

Artchat recently caught up with Echo Chai, one of the artists featuring in our March exhibition, to learn a little more about them and their art.Echo Chai

AC: Describe your art in a sentence. EC:  Painting is another way to describe my story.

AC: Who or what inspired you to become an artist? EC:  My partner Fu Hong  & Van Gough

AC:  What is your favourite medium to paint in and why? EC:  Acrylic / similar like oil but dry faster, I can paint more layers to make colour more beautiful

AC:  Has the direction of your paintings or perception developed and changed over time? EC:  From oil to acrylic, and, from impressionism to modernism Echo ChaiAC:  What inspires you to paint these particular scenes? EC:   When I was sent back home from 4 months chemo treatment of my leukaemia last year, I asked a friend driving me to see an exhibition in the city, and, the first time I noticed the sun was so bright, city was so colourful, people was so happy, as well the life and, especially, the nature. This is it.

AC: What do you like doing in your spare time? EC:  Writing & publishing my e-magazine

AC: What music do you listen to while painting? ECJazz

AC: What is your favourite quote or saying? EC: Life is short, but art is in a long life, enjoy art.Echo Chai

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