Interview : [Blog interview #55] Stephen Glassborow

Stephen GlassborowStephen Glassborow specialises in making Sculptures in Bronze inspired by Art Deco era . You can see his amazing new work at his 2014 exhibition at Red Hill Gallery Brisbane on October 10th. We found Stephen prior to exhibition opening and had a chat. AC: Your work portrays a great deal of imagination. Is that something you have always had?

SG:  As a figurative sculptor my first challenge was to master the anatomy. Once I felt I had achieved that goal, I looked to expand my creative energy .It took a while to find ways to bend my thoughts .But once I had discovered the potential of my ideas, they just began to flow.

AC: We hear that you name your pieces before you decide what they will look like, so where does the inspiration for the names come from.

SG: I like to look for clichés or common phrases that possess the potential for a double meaning. That gives me the chance to view the phrase in a different perspective, in a way that it may not have originally been intended.

AC: The Art Deco period is prominent in your work, is that something personal to you or has it evolved over time.

SG: Art Deco and Art Nouveau, was my first passion, when at College. It has always had an influence, but now my creative thoughts are as important .

Stephen Glassborow

AC: What would you say would be the most inspiring environment for you to create in?

SG: Early in the morning or at my local coffee shop. Ideas appear when I least expect them. Often I don't know where they come from, or why, they just are.

AC: Do you have a favourite piece of work? What do you love about it?

SG: At the moment I love working on my Mini Series. They are small  intimate and relatively quick for me to create Bronze sculptures take so long to make , and I am limited to creating  6 new pieces a year, at the most. Miniatures allow me to give birth to ideas relatively fast, some have been wandering around in my head for years. AC: If you had an artist dinner party, which 3 famous artists would you absolutely have to invite.

SG:  Clase Oldenburg, Banksy , and Leonardo Da Vinci. They are all are masters of their craft, they are also enormously perceptive , witty, and express  a unique creative talent.

Stephen Glassborow will be exhibiting his new works  at Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane October 2014

Stephen Glassborow

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