Salute to Australia - This Great Land of Freedom!

With so many Aussie's celebrating Australia Day  in many different ways, it is also a time to reflect on how lucky we are to live in such a great country where we have peace and freedom that is not afforded to many countries. We are indeed the lucky country. Happy Australia Day on this special Day January 26. Red Hill Gallery senior art consultant Jan, has been arranging a street party every year for the past 29 years, they have a hoot of a day including the must have Danny May’s Pavlova and a quiz by Ron the local historian in the neighbourhood - everyone joins in the fun.

We asked some of our artists who will be exhibiting with us in 2015 what Australia Day means to them and if they have planned anything special.

Some of these artists are new Aussie's so it was great to get their views, enjoy the read. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

“Coming from a country divided by racial tensions, Australia Day is even more special to me. To see everyone so patriotically waving the Ozzie flag, and in high spirits, laughing and proud, is a sight that will be etched in my mind forever. I am reminded yearly, how lucky I am, to have been accepted into my new country, I will be out waving my flag this year again. Thank you Australia” Mel Brigg

 Brigg Mel The Arrivals-183x122cm copy

“Australia Day means a day to spend with Family and Friends to take time out to appreciate all we have to be thankful for in this country. We are lucky to be surrounded by such a beautiful landscape and to be free to enjoy it. It provides such inspiration for artists such as myself and I never tire of it. I plan to spend the day with my kids and they love the beach so that’s where we will spend our time. A great way to say “thanks” for being Australian!” Danielle McManus

 McManus Danielle Send your wishes to the moon copy

“To me on Australia Day I reflect on how very lucky we are to live in a country where people have the luxury to create and enjoy art. We are safe and basic needs are taken care of. That leaves us free to feed our souls, a privilege not everyone in the world has. So I reflect on that and then get back to the studio!” Denise Murray


“First and foremost, I am free. I live in a nation of great diversity, richness and colour. I am blessed with opportunity - it's there for the taking by anyone willing. As a nation we boast a proud history. We have fought for, and earned, what we now enjoy. To be an Aussie is something I will never take for granted.  Where else in the world is everyone my mate?  I will reflect of that which has shaped me. I truly feel Blessed to be born here. I have to work on this coming Australia Day but this will not stop me from pondering on my fortunateness - to be called AUSTRALIAN.” Linda Vario

L Vario Red Tributary LV6-15 120x100cm $3990

"Australia Day is an important time to reflect on how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful and diverse country. From the wild untamed landscapes to the opulent cityscapes, it is the source of constant inspiration to me. As an artist I could think of no place better to live. As a fan of 80's music, I'm certain I'll be playing Icehouse's 'Great Southern Land'  and Men at Work's 'Land Down Under'   as I paint in my beautiful studio."  Starr

Starr Dynamic Sydney Harbour ' 150cm x1mt   copy

“I am so happy to be able to celebrate my third Australia Day celebration this year. To be part of a day that allows all to appreciate just how lucky we are to live in this great country.  I will be enjoying the day with my family and friends, appreciating the warm weather with perhaps 'some shrimp on the bbq'. To celebrate freedom. To celebrate opportunity. To celebrate choice. To celebrate a new home and to celebrate a new life."

"Australians let us rejoice, for we are young and free.” Katherine Wood

Wood-Katherine Dark to Light copy

"Australia Day usually comes to us as a nice surprise. School has just started and the  frenzy involved in that suddenly calms with that little holiday. As migrants we had to work out what it was all about and, as time has passed, reflection has become a feature of the day, reminiscing  on and remembering our story of coming here and the challenges and  joys of it all.  My barbecuing skills have only improved slightly because of the gas barbecue .  After many burnt, smoky offerings I came  up with a marvellous invention…….stand outside, in front of the Webber, with the electric frying pan sitting in it on the end of an extension lead. A perfect result every time and, much to the delight of my kids, accompanied by a detailed discussion of the cricket as I pretend to know something about it. Our Australia Day would never be complete without the  recital of a few gems from John Clarke’s Anthology of Australian Verse . I  recommend this very amusing book to  anyone wanting a good laugh." John Maitland

John Maitland copy

“Australia Day is the time when we focus on the many great things that unite us rather than the petty things which occasionally divide us.  My Australia Day will be spent visiting my dad in Toowoomba and painting in a studio he has set up at his new home there. After so much time spent on the road (and in the air) last year from New York, London etc, I'm pleased to be back in Australia and I can't think of a better way of spending our national day painting landscapes in the country of my birth. This was one of a series of ‘skyscapes’ I did last time I was in Toowoomba. It's the sky over a dam on the Darling Downs.” David Hinchliffe

David Hinchliffe sky over a dam on the Darling Downs_edited-1

Australia day means to me .................Being grateful for my families access to clean drinking water, food, shelter, clothing and our relative sense of freedom.  I plan to spend the day ......... A brief trip to the beach with my wife and son (and another one in the tum). Then into the studio to paint for most of the day. Dan Mason

You're The Poet In My Heart, 150x150cm, oil and mixed media on canvas, danmason2014_250dpi_2000px copy

“For me Australia day represents my own cultural heritage as well as that of the original Australians. Like a lot of people my age I grew up in a rural environment, and much of my artistic inspiration comes from my experiences on farms and small towns.  I plan to spend Australia day with family as always, a barbie and a couple of quiet beers, then down to the beach for a swim.”   Warren Salter

Warren Salter copy

For details and more information on Australia Day Celebrations Queensland "Festival of being Aussie" click here.

Australian National Anthem -  "Advance Australia Fair"  now go sing your heart out and celebrate everything great in Australia and to be an Australian and "Dream the Dream"

Happy Australia Day folks!

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