Lola Santiago [Blog Interview #61]

Lola SantiagoLola Santiago’s luscious, rich abstract paintings have us here at ArtChat buzzing. We couldn’t wait to interview her and find out a little more about her and her wonderful paintings. AC: Lola your work starts with colour washes. Do you allow the first washes to dictate what comes next or is it more controlled than that? LS: I like to let my colours take me where they want, I follow the colours flow.

AC: When you were young who were your heroes, and were they artists or other figures? LS: I loved Miro, Chagall and Dali

AC: If you could spend a day with any historical figure who would it be? LS: It would definitely have to be Helen Keller, her movie and book as a child made an impact on me.

AC: Your work is always vibrant and rich. How important is colour to you? LS: I could just as easily do sombre and not rich colours, I love all paint.

Lola SantiagoAC: Is there anything you do to get into the creative zone or does it happen naturally when you arrive at the studio. LS: It happens freely

AC: What is your favourite childhood memory? LS: Musicals with Gidget and Elvis, on Sundays rainy days, and Mum cooking Sunday roast

AC: Do you listen to music when you work and if so what inspires you? LS: Yes, I listen to classical and 2CH, all things inspire me.

AC: Have you always been drawn to abstract art and why? LS: I love abstract and the freedom it gives me.

AC: Do you have any other creative activities in your life besides painting? LS: Gardening, Cooking.

AC: What is so inciting about the night that inspires you to paint after dark? LS: The quietness, the peace. Lola SantiagoLola Santiago  will be exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Brisbane in the month of February together with two other promising female artists Linda Vario and Danielle McManus in the exhibition  "Women Of Substance" .

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