Childhood Memories of Warren Salter

Warren Salter "In all my years as a professional painter with forty plus solo exhibitions behind me, this is the first collection of paintings I have produced with a continuous, conscious thread driving my ideas. Each painting is inspired primarily by my Australian heritage, memories of my childhood, and my own experience of having kids.

I have always been driven to paint artworks inspired by the mysterious beauty of nature and childhood, albeit in a somewhat fragmented way, experimenting with ideas and visual concepts, but with too much emphasis in the studio of how it may or may not be received in the marketplace. Warren Salter

Every artist is ‘winging it’ every day, and therein lies the muse. I am far more comfortable now, allowing myself to be the carrier or bearer of what’s going on inside, letting it breathe, giving it credibility, allowing myself to be guided by it, and with that in mind I have painted this exhibition....... creating each painting from a true story, memory or experience that carries emotion for me, and others I suspect, resulting in a body of work I can speak honestly and clearly about, and am truly proud of.” Warren Salter.

Warren Salter will be exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill from April 10th until April 30th alongside two other prominent male artists Michael Parker and Dan Mason in the exhibition "All Afloat". Warren Salter

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