Children and the Wonderful World of Art.

Brisbane has one of the finest art galleries and art programs in Australia.  Definitely worthy of regular visits, but be sure to take your children with you when you plan to visit; you will be amazed at how much they will love it.  The Gallery Of Modern Art - GOMA has a fantastic Children’s Art Centre.  Enjoy Toddler Tuesday (from 18 months to 4 years) while playing specially designed games and fantastic art related activities.

What a wonderful idea, a place where children of all ages can interact and experience the sensory benefits of the arts and learn about art at such an early age.

Red Hill Gallery curator Margaret Campbell-Ryder is a firm advocate of educating the young about the arts and its place in vibrant cities like Brisbane.

Children and the Wonderful World of Art  [Jane Creenaune & Steve Graham]Margaret remembers well her own first visit to an art gallery when she was just a child. Her grandmother introduced her to art at the Bendigo Art Gallery; knowing Margaret,  we suspect it was a bribe, as the Gallery  was across the road from the dolls hospital  (her doll was sick).  But she says that first visit has stayed with her all her life and started her on a journey of the love of art, thanks to her Nana and her own love of the arts

Foot note:  Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art Gallery - Doug Hall former gallery Director and Tony Ellwood current Director both spent time working at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

Queensland Schools both State and Private all have art programs; these programs nurtures self esteem and self expression. The art world is ever changing and children are encouraged to further let their creative minds roam thanks to many wonderful and dedicated art teachers assisting with independent problem solving with group dynamics.

Representatives of Red Hill Gallery were privileged to be invited this year to judge the students work at St Joseph’s Nudgee College and were very impressed by the high standard of what these young minds produced.

Hands On Art is another fabulous organisation dedicated to the creative development of individuals and their communities.

"Feelix" by Glenys Lindsay - Art kids can touch, and in the case of this Echidna's quills, also art that becomes musical by running your nails over his spikes!

Art should not be defined as just works hanging on the wall, there are many sensory ways to show art. Red Hill Gallery has played host to many school students including the visually impaired and special needs children. A particularly memorable moment with the visually impaired children was to see how much interest they had in the bronze animal sculptures by Glenys Lindsay.  Did you know that the Echidna has poor eye sight?  Vision Australia has the Echidna, called "Feelix" as its symbol for their children’s library.

Encourage your children to create; put their works up on the fridge, frame them, put them in your home or office. Be just as proud of their art achievements as you are of their academic and sporting prowess.

When you next visit a commercial art gallery take your children with you, they might surprise you as to how well they behave.  If the gallery is not welcoming of your children take them to one that is, after all, art is for everyone, no matter what age.

Starr - Available at Red Hill Gallery