Hot On The Walls - October 2011 - Dan Mason

Whats Hot on the Walls this month?   Dan Mason!Contemporary artist Dan Mason’s work is electric and diverse let’s have a quick look at the man behind his art.

"Hot Jazz"  "Happy Days"  "Dancing with Django" DAN MASON

AC: What inspires you to create? DM: An insatiable need to bring something to life, that is worthy of the gift of consciousness.

AC: In three words describe your art DM: Energy on canvas

AC: How do you spend your leisure time? DM: Building Lego with my five year old boy, Surfing, walking/running through Burleigh Heads national park, playing guitar.

AC: Who is your role model or person you most admire? DM: Educators and Healthcare workers.

AC: Share something with us about yourself that we don’t know DM: I can juggle a football on my feet for hundreds of reps without it touching the ground 8-)

AC: What music do you listen to while you create? DM: Currently have these on high rotation; Cold Chisel -'Swingshift' 1981. Foofighters - 'Wasting Light' 2011. The Rolling Stones - 'Exile On Main Street' 1972.

AC: What was the last book you enjoyed? DM: 'I Am Ozzy' by Ozzy Osbourne

AC: What does your art mean to you? DM: Expressing oneself is imperative for human growth - my art is my 'soul food'.

"I work on several canvases over a period of time - making a mark, moving to the next, revisiting and responding to their individual energies - essentially allowing them to grow organically, they let me know when they're resolved with a vibration that I can only compare to looking into the eyes of a loved one.

I work with oils, acrylics, enamels, spray paint and pastels. Through countless hours of process experimentation and technique development, I have learned a great deal about mixed media interactions, so that I know how to break conventional rules properly. Abstract expressionism is a term that often attaches itself to my work, however I like to think that it's simply energy on canvas."

Dan Mason 2011