A gift of fine art – is a gift remembered forever

Buying original art is an everlasting gift The joy of receiving an original piece of art is a memorable gift that will last a lifetime. Select from a collection of some of the finest Australian art, traditional and contemporary paintings, bronze sculptures, exquisite glass, beautifully designed exclusive jewellery or perhaps a hand crafted ceramic all unique in their own style.

Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, weddings, retirement, corporate clients and of course Christmas....let’s face it sometimes you need to find an exceptional one-of-a-kind gift that reflects the personality and history of the person receiving it.  There are a few things to consider when making an art purchase, and to assist you we have created a guide to buying art as a gift that will be appreciated for its artistic originality.

1 - Who is it for?

It is most important that you know the person you are buying for particularly if you love to give the perfect gift, the one that inspires an emotional response!  It is probably not advisable to buy a piece of original art for someone you have not known very long as it is best to have a sound knowledge of their tastes.  If it is a group gift, perhaps a special gallery gift voucher would be ideal. The recipient can then chose their own gift, something that has a personal meaning to them, and they can enjoy the discovery of the perfect piece of art!  At Red Hill Gallery we sell many gift vouchers, boxed and wrapped in a flourish of gold tissue and ribbons beautifully presented!

If you know the recipient well then narrow down the type of art they would most appreciate.  What is their personal style? Is their home reflective of that style?  Do they love bright and contemporary pieces or are they more at home with subtle soft colours?

2 - What space do they have?

You do not want your carefully selected gift to never see the light of day because the recipient has no space for it, so consider the size of the piece of original art and if they have the space to accommodate it.

Physical space is not the only consideration.  Many people prefer to have original art that compliments the décor of the room; others want it to contrast and act as a focal point.

3 - Do they have a favourite artist?

This might seem obvious, however, it may surprise you that many people do know the type of art work they would love in their home or work space, even if they do not own any art at all yet. You could start them on the wonderful journey of collecting and enjoying art so it is important to choose the right artist.

4 - What is your budget?

Always be clear as to how much you are prepared to spend.  The budget is usually the deciding factor in whether you purchase a sculpture, oil painting, water colour, limited edition prints or ceramics.  Advise the Art Consultant what you are looking for, who it is for, what your budget is and allow them help you to find a selection of pieces. Red Hill Gallery takes pride in presenting beautifully wrapped gifts.

It is very important to remember this; the person is far more likely to appreciate a smaller piece of original art that meets all of the previous requirements, rather than a larger cheap piece that you felt made it appear that you had spent more money. Quality is far more important than size when it comes to selecting an original gift of art.

If you are at your wits end, and wish to purchase your friend original art, you always have the option of asking the intended recipient for input.  You could do this discreetly by surfing the net together looking at galleries, or coming in and looking around and seeing what your friend gravitates towards. Or you can be more direct, depending on how important the surprise element is.  Sometimes it is better to check that it is what they want, rather than giving something that is not to their taste.

Enjoy the process of gift buying you may also acquire more knowledge about fine art too and have fun exploring the wondrous world of art in all its forms; you just might surprise yourself too!

Happy gift buying!