ArtChat with Lucette Dalozzo [Blog Interview Number 4]

This month we present an insight into the life and world of artist Lucette Dalozzo. Exploring ones vivid imagination and understanding the essence of dreams is Lucette Dalozzo's distinction in Art. Vibrant, intense and enchanting are just a few ways to describe her compositions, combining oils, acrylics and inks into a symphony of hypnotic melodies;  From music to dreams, Lucette possesses a unique method of interpretation and understanding, bringing to light the finer details one might ordinarily miss. There is a wealth of inspiration circulating the depths of Lucette's imagination, which leaves you delightfully eager for her masterpieces.

Lucette Dalozzo Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery December 2011

AC:  What inspires you to create?

LD: My children, the view of the world, music, travels and largely from my inner imagination. Pushing the boundaries for example my technique is not restricted to a certain style, if I like doing it, i'ld do it. It's never bothered me, and I think finally it's paid off. At 67, I'm still experimenting and enjoying it.

AC:  In three words describe your art

LD: Beautiful, Fun and Fresh.

AC:  How do you spend your leisure time?

LD: Painting, enjoying my grandkids and reading biographies.

AC: Who is your role model or person you most admire?

LD: Picasso. From his first painting to the last it was never the same, never afraid to change styles. He pushed the boundaries. The passion that Picasso felt for what he was creating shines through. Incredibly inventive and with a prolific output - he stayed several steps ahead of everyone else right up to the end of his life. From his journey I take new ways of seeing things in order to progress.

AC:  Share something with us about yourself that we don’t know

LD: I am superstitious and follow astrology. It doesn't rule my life but it does affect me and inevitably my work.

AC:  What music do you listen to while you create?

JC: Joe Dassin, Edit Piaf, Jaques Brel and Andrea Bocelli

AC:  What was the last book you enjoyed?

LD: Gerald Stone's “Compulsive viewing – the inside story of Packer's Nine Network.” He pushed his people a step beyond what common sense told them was attainable. He was hard working and felt passionate about everything he did.

AC:  What does your art mean to you?

LD: It's my way of life, my drug and my passion. I live and breathe it. I see art as an exploration. It's a journey into the unknown. I am constantly in search of myself more than anything else, I get stimulation from the changes in my life.

AC:  You were born in Belgium, what made you decide to make Australia your home?

LD: I followed my husband to live a new and better life for myself and my kids under the sun. I don't think I would be painting and creating beautiful things and enjoying my life everyday if I had stayed in Belgium.

AC: You studied art at the "Academy of Fine Art," Mons, tell us about that time

LD:  “ICET” at La Louviere, Belgium was where my passion for art first started. Learning the techniques of window dressing allowed me to later become the first woman window dresser for Target in Australia. It was loads of fun, constantly surrounded by talented artists and teachers.

Lucette Dalozzo graduated from the Academy in 1967; then proceeded to grace some of the finest department stores with her unique style.  After marrying her husband Louis she was eager to travel, so they  embarked on a journey that would change their lives forever.   Australia was a golden thread that Lucette used to weave her artistic penchant.  She quickly became recognised for her Romantic Impressionism which drew art enthusiasts worldwide. Throughout the 70's and 80's she exhibited in the USA, French Polynesia, Belgium and every state in Australia.  She was represented by the Australian and Swiss Embassy's in Brussels, the Consul General for Belgium in Sydney, Countess D'Outremont, Belgium, Sir Barnaby Joyce Collection, Sydney, Danny Larue and copious private and corporate collections worldwide.

Lucette will show her latest collection in December in an exhibition titled “Breaking the Boundaries” proudly exhibiting along with her Husband Louis Dalozzo and daughter Judith Dalozzo.   Lucette is celebrating being with Red Hill Gallery since it’s opening some 25 years ago.   You can view Lucettes work here.

Lucette Dalozzo