ArtChat with Starr [Blog Interview Number 5]

Starr is a ‘New Traditionalist’, combining traditional themes with her own contemporary style. Starr’s paintings are intensely personal and are as much the work of a devotee of popular culture as they are of the artist/observer. Starr - A New Traditionalist

Artchat asks this Hot Young artist to reveal a little of herself.

AC: What is your favourite Christmas memory?

S:  There are too many great Christmas memories as I love the Christmas season. My favourite recent memory was when I finally found the perfect tree, a black tree with technicolour decorations and lights. It's the perfect of expression of me and my art!!

AC:  What inspires you to create?

S: I am constantly inspired by the world around me. In my imagination, the people and places I meet and visit become part of my life and it gives me great pleasure to see them come to life on canvas.

AC:  In three words describe your art

S: Colour, Passion and Fluidity

AC:  How do you spend your leisure time?

As an artist I am drawn to all expressions of art. I love the theatre, the ballet or just going along to see my favourite bands perform. As an artist I have been lucky enough to travel. Having seen the ballet in Paris and my favourite 80's rock bands in Hollywood, are among my most treasured memories; though I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Science Fiction. You can always catch me around my home watching BattleStar Galactica, whether I'm laying in bed or painting!!

AC: Who is your role model or person you most admire?

S: I can honestly say that my Grandfather is the person who has meant the most to me. He was an amazing man, always giving his time (and money) to others.  My Grandmother too is an inspiration, she's wheelchair bound now, but still feisty, happy and full of life. Her spirit is contagious and I love to visit her every week.

AC:  Share something with us about yourself that we don’t know

S: Well, you probably don't know that as a child I had to make a decision between art and ballet lessons. I chose art, but I always wondered what it would be like to dance in a ballet. I think that comes through in my paintings as I seek to recreate the fluidity and grace of the dancer in my work.

Starr --- Beyond Pink --- Black Swann ---  Starr's work is available for purchase at Red Hill Gallery

AC:  What music do you listen to while you create?

S: As you probably realise, I am a Rock Chick. I love the music of the 80's and the over the top ‘glam bands’ like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Poison never cease to inspire me.

AC:  What was the last movie you enjoyed?

S: Ironically enough, I would have to say that Tim Burton's ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is probably the best I have seen for a while. He's a great director and I'm a huge fan of his visual aesthetic.

AC:  What does your art mean to you?

S: Art is my life. It's all I have ever done and all I know. Each painting is an expression of my passion and joy in life. Without art, I cannot imagine what I would do.


I think to sum up my work in one sentence is impossible, but my love of art is what drives my painting. I draw great inspiration from the Masters like Monet and Picasso, but my work has always sought to have its own voice. I take great pride in every painting I do and it is humbling to know that my work is hung in so many wonderful places in the world.


Starr  -- Roses are Red -- Moulin Rouge -- Iris -- Starr's work is available at Red Hill Gallery | Brisbane

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