ArtChat [Blog Interview Number 6] - Emma Sheldrake

Emma Sheldrake’s signature style drips with seductive intent, blending figurative art with the mischievousness of Pop Art and the subtleties of eroticism.  Bold colour combinations, daring brush strokes, irreverent drips and enticing eyes define the power of her images to seduce the onlooker. AC: What woman is most influential to your artistic life? EM: My mother who is creative herself and has always supported that direction in my life. AC: What activity makes you lose track of time? EM: Painting & surfing. AC: What makes you smile? EM: My partner, a good joke, children. AC: What inspires you to create EM: Starting with nothing and ending with something.

AC: In three words describe your art EM: Spontaneous, bold, pop

AC: Tell us something we don’t know EM: I am a mad cook & gardener. AC: What is your goal in life EM: To create, to love, be happy & be myself

Emma Sheldrake - Exhibiting February 2012 - Women with Substance - Red Hill Gallery

Em is fast gaining recognition for her unique style of painting and is now represented in Brisbane exclusively by Red Hill Gallery.  You can view her current exhibition online here.