Hot On The Walls - February 2012 - Dean Reilly

Who is hot on our walls this month? - Dean Reilly! "My art is a commitment to craft, a commitment to design and a commitment to expand the knowledge of what we see as beauty." Dean Reilly

We are so excited at Red Hill Gallery to welcome Dean Reilly to our Gallery.

In 2010 Dean Reilly was a finalist in both the Archibald Prize and Doug Moran Portrait Prize, arguably the most prestigious art prizes in Australia.  He also made the 2011 Doug Moran final.

His works have been shown in the New South Wales Art Gallery, New South Wales State Library, The German Embassy and many prestigious private collections.

His works are highly acclaimed for their style, design and variation.  His commitment to quality is outstanding and his constant search for the epic theme has an enduring presence.

He continues to delight and inspire collectors around the world with his unique approach to painting, come in and see his work soon at the Red Hill Gallery - or view them online here.