ArtChat [Blog Interview Number 7] – Julie Hutchings

Julie Hutchings is an emotional painter her aim is to create work with energy and movement. Her studies of the human form exhibit energy, passion and relate a story of the moment with character and soul that she brings to her work. AC: What woman is most influential to your artistic life? JH: I cannot say there is one woman ..however I am influenced every day creatively by work is generally very feminine with an undercurrent of courage & strength simmering beneath the surface.

AC: What activity makes you lose track of time? JH: Painting and drawing

AC: What makes you smile? JH: Nature and animals and life in general.

AC: What inspires you to create JH: I find inspiration everywhere...from music, stories..The need to create is like a drug...addictive...I live to paint.

AC: In three words describe your art JH: Emotive, energetic and expressive.

AC: Tell us something we don’t know JH: We should always keep a little mystery about ourselves.

AC: What is your goal in life JH: My goal in life is to be a  thoughtful, good person, create paintings that people respond to and enjoy this beautiful life with my family.

Julie HUTCHINGS Is an intuitive artist who paints with tremendous energy & expression.

View Julie's current exhibition at Red Hill Gallery HERE.