ArtChat [Blog Interview Number 8] – Danielle McManus

Danielle McManus intertwines experiences from everyday life with her Maltese heritage to produce superbly whimsical artworks & ceramics. Whether fictional or based on real-life family events, Danielle’s love of storytelling is evident in her colourful, figurative offerings that provide viewers with thought-provoking images frequently set against a backdrop of Mediterranean landscape.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) from Newcastle University, Australia.

AC: What woman is most influential to your artistic life? DM: Ive always admired Frida Kahlo, Mirka Mora and Margaret Woodward

AC: What activity makes you lose track of time? DM:  Creating – whether its painting, sketching anything art!

AC: What makes you smile? DM:  My kids make me smile – they are a big inspiration to me!

AC: What inspires you to create DM:  My kids, nature, life in general!

AC: In three words describe your art DM:  Colourful, happy, quirky

AC: Tell us something we don’t know DM:  When I was at school I was going to study to be a vet! Um…sort of changed tack!!

AC: What is your goal in life DM:  To keep doing what I am doing. It’s a great job!

Danielle McManus - Her colourful, figurative offerings provide viewers with thought-provoking images.

Danielle is exhibiting at Red Hill  Gallery as part of the Women of Substance show. You can view that collection online here.