ArtChat [Blog Interview Number 11] – Todd Whisson

Todd Whisson creates an impression at Red Hill Gallery. His works have received an outstanding amount of attention, the consideration of light and colour within his paintings are a breath of fresh air.

For an artist, Todd Whisson is a late bloomer.  Despite being the son of a professional artist, and childhood memories steeped in the scent of paint, Todd only began painting in his early twenties.  His latest collection exhibiting at Brisbane’s Red Hill Gallery in June 2012 is an excellent example of being ‘better late than never’.

When Todd decided to give up his job as a framer in 2003 to become a full-time artist, he drew on his fascination with French Impressionism and tailored his own approach to suit the spectacular coastal scenery and landscapes of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, the beauty of Todd’s work is his commitment to new interpretations of old techniques.

For Todd to have achieved such success in a few short years certainly makes him an artist to watch in the future. AC:  What inspires you to create? TW:   Inner desire to express my love and passion for colour, light and atmosphere.

AC:  In three words describe your art TW:   Fresh, spontaneous and expressive

AC:  How do you spend your leisure time? TW:  I love travelling with my partner Julianne, stumbling along and discovering new and unique places to paint “Plein Air”.

AC: Who is your role model or the person you most admire? TW:   I most admire Matisse for his drive and ambition to continually be himself. His ability to paint beauty in everything he saw and his desire to always want more from his art.

AC:  Share something with us about yourself that we don’t know? TW:   O.K. don’t laugh... I love Westerns because there is always a hero!

AC: What was your childhood dream? TW:   My dream was to play soccer for Australia and meet Pele, which I did in 1993 in Brisbane.

AC:  What music do you listen to while you create? TW:   A mixture of various artists for different era’s  and I do enjoy classical music for its energy and fluidity.

AC:  What was the last book you enjoyed? TW:   I’m not fussed with reading novels I would much prefer to sit down with a great art book or autobiography.

AC:  You paint “Plein Air” can you explain to our readers what that means? TW:   Plein Air is painting the subject from life, whether it is in the landscape itself or in front of a fresh bunch of flowers.

AC:  What does your art mean to you? TW:   To me it’s a journey of life, gaining an understanding of oneself ensuring I am honest and true about whom I am.

Todd Whisson is currently exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery Brisbane - Click to view.