ArtChat [Blog Interview Number 14] – Herman Pekel

The infamous impressionist artist Herman Pekel is a master at capturing the mood and atmosphere of his subject matter. The depth and emotion and radiance of light in his paintings capture his audience’s heart and is what keeps them coming back for more.  In the current exhibition Herman has depicted iconic scenes from Brisbane and Paris.

AC:         Herman your paintings really seem to have an inner luminosity, it almost seems like the light is radiating out from the paintings. Your ability to render light is what makes you a superb artist, is this an intrinsic quality your painting has always had or something you think that has developed in your work over time? HP:         Light and atmosphere have been two integral aspects of my work.

AC          What or who inspired you to first pick up a paintbrush? HP:         My father, after he brought home two original oils from the market.

AC:         What do you do when you are not working on your art? HP:         Sport – Tennis and table tennis.

AC:         Share something about yourself that might surprise our readers? HP:         I’d hate to say.

AC:         Who in your life do you admire most? HP:         Margaret* – she can sell my work.

AC:         I suppose a lot of people like to imagine artists to be either eccentric and over the top or broody and romantic. What do you think of these stereotypes? How would you describe yourself? HP:         Always romantic after a couple of wines.

AC:         Describe your art in one sentence HP:         Disorganised.

AC:         I’ve been told you seem to always wear black, is there a specific reason for this? HP:         Takes longer to get dirty.

AC:         You’ve won a number of prestigious art awards throughout your career, which one has meant the most to you? HP:         My first prize – 6th grade primary.

AC:         Who do you consider to be important figures in Australian art? HP:         William Robinson, Jeffrey Smart, Richard Dunlop

*Margaret Campbell-Ryder Director/Curator Red Hill Gallery