Paul Margocsy - Exhibiting 2012 at Red Hill Gallery

Who is Paul Margocsy Paul is described by our art director Margaret Campbell-Ryder as “an absolute gem… A real people-person, he has a great sense of humour and really enjoys talking to people about his paintings.” Paul often stays for a few days after his exhibition popping in and out of the gallery to speak to the clients about his work and relating the funny little anecdotes and stories about his animal subjects.

Paul Margocsy’s Career

Working as a window dresser at Myer in Melbourne, Paul also spent two years in the Defence Force before moving to England for three years where he painted murals for children’s nurseries and high-end fashion hairdressers. Upon returning to Australia with his wife he opened a children’s décor shop before becoming engrossed in Wildlife art and pursuing his career in painting. Spending a few years refining his technique he began to sell bird paintings in various shows which eventually lead to several outstanding exhibitions in South Australia, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

His popularity and career took off in the 90’s with Paul commissioned to do a series of Waterbirds in 1991 for Australia Post. In 1994 the United Nations commissioned him to do a series of endangered species and then a few years later he became the first Australian to exhibit two years in succession at the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson Birds in Art Exhibition  in the USA. Since then Paul has had major exhibition in Singapore, USA, Hong Kong and many here in Australia.

Paul Margocsy’s paintings  

Paul paints his animal portraits in a mix of gouache and watercolour. His detailed and photographically painted subjects are imbued with personality. Whether it is the quirky expressions of owls or steely stares of the birds of prey Paul always manages to portray his animals with character. Having a photographic memory means that Paul can view his subjects in the wild and later recapture their personalities through paint in his studio. Having developed his own dry brush technique enables Paul to enhance the realism in his works, particularly in the feathers of his birds.

Paul Margocsy’s upcoming exhibition

“What we expect to see in his upcoming exhibition is well executed, anatomically accurate portraits of wildlife – what else can you expect from Paul?” Jan Griffith (Senior Art Consultant). “We already have had a number of enquiries regarding the works we have received in the gallery, which of course makes us very excited for the exhibition!” As always Paul will astound his audience and have them absolutely captivated by the personalities portrayed in his pictures.

Paul’s work will be available for sale prior to the official opening of his exhibition. Please do not hesitate to contact us earlier rather than later to avoid disappointment!