Stephen Glassborow - contemporary figurative Sculptor - Exhibiting September 2012 at Red Hill Gallery

“A large number of my pieces are dressed, or covered in some way. I am not interested in producing nudes. I like to wrap my figures, so the idea of wrapping a figure in paper became a logical step.”  Stephen Glassborow 2012

Born in the United Kingdom in 1951 Stephen studied at the Brighton College of Art  where he discovered his affinity with the physicality and structure of the discipline of sculpture. Since then his career has flourished and his work is often exhibited all over the Australian, America and Asia Pacific.

Stephen is a master of aesthetic balance which is reflected in his well developed sculptures. He often creates tension through the illusion of weight and in his upcoming exhibition he gives three-dimensionality to the two-dimensional pixilated image in his work ‘Man Made’.

Working mainly in bronze, Stephen has developed a unique aesthetic that shifts away from the classical to reflect a slightly abstract approach. Influenced by Art Deco and Art Nouveau Glassborow often creates his work from inspiration of a name or phrase. “The inspiration for any idea starts with a phrase with the potential for a double meaning. I then use the figure as a coat hanger, on to which I manipulate my thoughts…” Stephen Glassborow, 2012.

His work will be on display at Red Hill Gallery September 2012.