Beci Culley is a Brisbane based contemporary abstract artist. She was born in Geelong Victoria and raised in Manly, Brisbane. Taken to art classes that her mother was participating in, her aesthetic in art was developed from a very early age. After finishing school Beci became a Graphic Designer and later spent her time studying music where her romanticism in her lyric writing was honed and transferred later into her artwork. With the launch of her career as an artist, she has participated in many group shows around Australia, America and Italy.

Beci's artwork is an often-brooding combination of emotional and spiritual themes, which has a drive for freedom from boundaries. Her body of work is infused with her expression of romance and powerful displays of patterned layers that reflect her love of nature and fashion. Her journey has dipped her brush into a broad range of the arts including Graphic Design (Adorne Accessories), Musical Theatre (Harvest Rain Theatre - QPAC), Make-up Artistry and Photography.

Although Beci is based in Brisbane she regularly visits Florence, Italy where she continues her studies in art and Italian.

"Beci is a passionate and dedicated artist whose work I admire very much. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for over 20 years and on many occasions have had the chance to work with her, and in my opinion she is an artist of the highest calibre and a wonderful asset to the arts world."
Tim O'Connor - Artistic Director (Harvest Raine Theatre - QPAC)

"Beci's work is a unique take on reality. It shows a very personal connection and projects the emotions of the work into the lives of the viewer."
Donald Page - Sports Photographer - New Orleans­­­­