Jenni Mumford

Jenni Mumford an award-winning international oil painter/visual artist was born in Port Lincoln, an oceanic town in South Australia. She spent most of her childhood on Eyre Peninsula and Warooka, Yorke Peninsula. Jenni grew up as the eldest child in a close knit family that continually travelled and moved from coastal town to inland rural settings in South Australia. The senses of country life as a young teenager were to be indelibly planted in her psyche and later play a defining role in her maturing as an artist. She would come to intuitively use Mother Nature as the preferred source of subject matter in sophisticated, versatile compositions that command attention with their use of explosive and vibrant colour. Jenni formalised her passion studying art in Adelaide at age 18. But it was during her tuition with Master Leonid Vasin, and her creative roles as a mother, that Jenni began to develop her interest in oil painting and visual arts. Jenni has received over 7 Awards since. Jenni is an award winning artist with a career in creative art spanning over thirty five years.