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David HINCHLIFFE August 2018

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to Jul 22

Fantastic Four - Herman PEKEL | Bruce BUCHANAN | Stephen DOYLE | Keith ROWE





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Canvas of Colour - Loretta BLAKE | Nick OLSEN | Kate BARRY
to May 31

Canvas of Colour - Loretta BLAKE | Nick OLSEN | Kate BARRY

One becomes immediately aware of Loretta BLAKE’s first love in selecting the subject matter for her paintings – flowers, in their many forms. The landscape and people have gradually given way to floral pieces which express vibrancy and spontaneity and exude colour with detail, displaying considerable technical skill and a wealth of natural talent. Having a passion for classic art, and utilising oils as well as water based paints, Loretta’s interest in painting has grown into a way of life she is passionate about.

Nick OLSEN’s artwork is designed to encourage an emotional response within the viewer. He attempts to achieve this by combining a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, in relation to the subject matter, with a distinct approach to light and colour.  “I spend a good deal of time observing my surroundings, usually in the inner urban areas of Brisbane, and thinking about them in terms of paint. In doing so I hope to achieve the subtlety of colour and tone which is required to highlight a sense of place in a way that a variety of viewers can relate to.”

Working as an abstract painter, Kate BARRY’s artwork explores layering, vitality of pattern, gestural mark-making and colour through instinctive responses to landscape and organic forms. “I get lost in the series of painted marks as they charter a rough course across the canvas. Painting pulls me between reality and the subconscious. Visual passages travelled and traces of snatched emotional responses are left upon the surface. As we pass by we allow ourselves to be drawn in.”

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Deserted Wilderness     Adrienne WILLIAMS | Terry SWANN | Pam WALPOLE
to Apr 29

Deserted Wilderness Adrienne WILLIAMS | Terry SWANN | Pam WALPOLE

Sketching Plein Air is an integral part of Adrienne WILLIAMS practice; her recent works taking on a new direction following a move to the seaside. With a wide aqua estuary, fevers of stingrays in and out of the shallows and orange mangrove leaves floating on the tide, Williams continues the development of her colourist compositions, exploring the tensions between wild places and adjacent altered landscapes.

Terry Swann journeys into the landscape, on an exploration of place. She is drawn to Australia's remote places where she feels a genuine connection to the land. There she paints on site to capture the essence of the landscape. Plein Air Painting is all about 'painting in the moment’. The immediacy of vision makes the imagination move to an exciting new ground and discovers the possibility of shapes, colours and line. The painting takes on a life of its own as one drives the emotions through the work.

Pam WALPOLE is a keen observer of the landscape who portrays the patterns and reflections of the natural habit of bushland, waterways, creeks and coastal inlets. Some are vignettes of a pond or creek – patches of colour from a mineral spring, reflections of overhanging branches cast upon the water, or sections of a rainforest creek capturing the light peeping through the dense canopy above. All are expressed with the bold gesture in a minimal contemporary style.

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By The Brush • Karen ATKINS |Julie HUTCHINGS | Emma SHELDRAKE
to Mar 25

By The Brush • Karen ATKINS |Julie HUTCHINGS | Emma SHELDRAKE

Julie HUTCHINGS paintings evolve through an emotional journey of adventure and imagination. Her latest series ‘Beneath the Surface’ is built from layers of paint and descriptive marks while maintaining the spontaneity and movement to eventually convey a story.  Julie paints from a personal mind set, to a place where her paintings become universal, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Emma SHELDRAKE is set to excite with a colourful collection of stunning new paintings titled ‘Birds of a Feather’.  Em’s signature style drips with seductive intent, blending figurative art with the mischievousness of Pop Art. Incorporating bold colour combinations and daring brush strokes, this new series is bound to electrify the senses.

Karen ATKINS is well-known for the quirky naive scenes that inspire her paintings. Returning with a fabulous new assortment of artwork from the series ‘Alice in Gondwanaland’, this collection pays tribute to lost girls and found things. It is all about seeking out what really matters in the world, the relationships between people and the environment.  

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to Feb 25


February Exhibition, 2018

Colin PASSMORE is well-known for his bold contemporary paintings that capture the nature of the Australian landscape. With a keen eye and brilliant subtlety for colour, he paints “Flowers, Trees and Grass” with both spontaneity and orchestrated brushstrokes.

Paul MARGOCSY is a self taught artist whose artwork imbues with personality and quirky charm. His latest collection “Wild Wings” features stunning depictions of Australian birdlife and international wildlife. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a piece from this outstanding collection.

John TURTON is a colourist who paints the Australian environment putting different shades next to each other. Using the combination of light and dark with different textures, shapes and forms; John conveys and interprets some of the atmosphere and mood of this vast country.

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