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By The Brush • Karen ATKINS |Julie HUTCHINGS | Emma SHELDRAKE

Julie HUTCHINGS paintings evolve through an emotional journey of adventure and imagination. Her latest series ‘Beneath the Surface’ is built from layers of paint and descriptive marks while maintaining the spontaneity and movement to eventually convey a story.  Julie paints from a personal mind set, to a place where her paintings become universal, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Emma SHELDRAKE is set to excite with a colourful collection of stunning new paintings titled ‘Birds of a Feather’.  Em’s signature style drips with seductive intent, blending figurative art with the mischievousness of Pop Art. Incorporating bold colour combinations and daring brush strokes, this new series is bound to electrify the senses.

Karen ATKINS is well-known for the quirky naive scenes that inspire her paintings. Returning with a fabulous new assortment of artwork from the series ‘Alice in Gondwanaland’, this collection pays tribute to lost girls and found things. It is all about seeking out what really matters in the world, the relationships between people and the environment.