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Deserted Wilderness Adrienne WILLIAMS | Terry SWANN | Pam WALPOLE

Sketching Plein Air is an integral part of Adrienne WILLIAMS practice; her recent works taking on a new direction following a move to the seaside. With a wide aqua estuary, fevers of stingrays in and out of the shallows and orange mangrove leaves floating on the tide, Williams continues the development of her colourist compositions, exploring the tensions between wild places and adjacent altered landscapes.

Terry Swann journeys into the landscape, on an exploration of place. She is drawn to Australia's remote places where she feels a genuine connection to the land. There she paints on site to capture the essence of the landscape. Plein Air Painting is all about 'painting in the moment’. The immediacy of vision makes the imagination move to an exciting new ground and discovers the possibility of shapes, colours and line. The painting takes on a life of its own as one drives the emotions through the work.

Pam WALPOLE is a keen observer of the landscape who portrays the patterns and reflections of the natural habit of bushland, waterways, creeks and coastal inlets. Some are vignettes of a pond or creek – patches of colour from a mineral spring, reflections of overhanging branches cast upon the water, or sections of a rainforest creek capturing the light peeping through the dense canopy above. All are expressed with the bold gesture in a minimal contemporary style.