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Canvas of Colour - Loretta BLAKE | Nick OLSEN | Kate BARRY

One becomes immediately aware of Loretta BLAKE’s first love in selecting the subject matter for her paintings – flowers, in their many forms. The landscape and people have gradually given way to floral pieces which express vibrancy and spontaneity and exude colour with detail, displaying considerable technical skill and a wealth of natural talent. Having a passion for classic art, and utilising oils as well as water based paints, Loretta’s interest in painting has grown into a way of life she is passionate about.

Nick OLSEN’s artwork is designed to encourage an emotional response within the viewer. He attempts to achieve this by combining a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, in relation to the subject matter, with a distinct approach to light and colour.  “I spend a good deal of time observing my surroundings, usually in the inner urban areas of Brisbane, and thinking about them in terms of paint. In doing so I hope to achieve the subtlety of colour and tone which is required to highlight a sense of place in a way that a variety of viewers can relate to.”

Working as an abstract painter, Kate BARRY’s artwork explores layering, vitality of pattern, gestural mark-making and colour through instinctive responses to landscape and organic forms. “I get lost in the series of painted marks as they charter a rough course across the canvas. Painting pulls me between reality and the subconscious. Visual passages travelled and traces of snatched emotional responses are left upon the surface. As we pass by we allow ourselves to be drawn in.”